Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Viva Mexico!


Hello Readers,

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few months. I've been busy but that's no excuse since posting only takes about 30 minutes or so. Don't worry. I have numerous travel plans this year and will make all efforts to blog about them. I won't tell you about my next destination end of this month, but it will be something to blog about =)

My search for an ideal family vacation was tiring, tedious but all worth it when I saw how happy my mother was in Cancun on the first day. I was there last year with Miss Imperfectionist during spring break and thought it would be a wonderful experience for someone who has never been to an all inclusive resort before. I'm glad I picked Cancun. For the price of $1052 per person, the Riu Cancun is definitely affordable.

I booked two excursions back to back once we arrived at the hotel, since the weather network predicted it would rain on the last two days of our trip (though it didn't). I was able to get a package for two excursions for the price of $220 per person. This included 1 day of Tulum and Xel-Ha and 1 day of Chichen Itza. I'm sure I could have found cheaper excursions from outside the hotel but I didn't want to take any chances on having crappy services and experiences for the family.

The Tulum and Xel-Ha package was worth the $120. The tour bus arrived at the hotel at 7:30 am. It was about two hours to arrive to Tulum. The ruins of Tulum is beautiful, but also typical Mayan ruins. I thought the sink holes and beaches of Tulum is more beautiful. The view from one of the cliff (above picture) looking down at the beach is impressive. I wished we had more time to explore the site. Our tour guide spent too much time on the history of the ruins. Xel-Ha was all inclusive and was only 15 minutes away from Tulum. Now, if you can't swim or don't like to swim, then Xel-Ha is not where you would want to spend the rest of your day. Xcaret would be the alternative choice. Xel-Ha is mostly snorkelling. The lazy river was more difficult to travel down than I anticipated. I had to jump off the tube half way and snorkel the rest. The most impressive fish I saw was a stingray. Of course I was unable to take a picture of it because the underwater camera I had was way too slow.


I wished I knew how to swim. I would have jumped in the water with the locals. It was 30 degrees that day. The water would have been refreshing to swim in and definitely could helped me cool down from the heat.


Chichen Itza was not worth $100. I would rather not go to Chichen Itza again for the second time, but since my mother have not been, I took her to see it. The pyramid looks more damage since the last time I was there or perhaps I never noticed last time.


My last two days was relaxing and enjoying all the amenities and benefits of an all inclusive resort. The staffs and services was extraordinary. The food and beaches was mediocre. Thus,  I would rate the Riu Cancun 4.5 star.



Brock - Backpack with Brock says:
at: May 20, 2012 at 5:41 PM said...

Your pictures look amazing! They make me want to head straight to Mexico right now!


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