A Taste of Asia

From Vietnam to Cambodia to Hong Kong! Here is a photo collection of foods I ate in Asia.

From the streets in Ha Noi, 1. BBQ Quails. 2. Lemon Salt to eat with the BBQ Quail. 3. Fried Rice

In Hai Phong, home cooked - some kind of salad with steam chicken and a cold beer.

At a local restaurant in Hai Phong - BBQ goat meat and all the livers, instestines...etc

From the local market in Hai Phong. 1. Chicken pho. 2 & 3. Fresh sugar canes. 4 & 5. Xoi? which is like sticky rice.

In Saigon at Quan An Ngon. 1. ?? not sure what it's called. 2. Banh Da (flat egg noodle soup?) 3. Mango Salad. 4. Spicy BBQ beef. 5 & 6. Fried Frog Leg. 7. Spicy Shrimp.

From the local market on the way to Siem Reap in Cambodia - Fried Spider. I did not actually eat these.

From the local market in Siem Reap. Can't remember what these dishes are now.

In Hong Kong -- This is actually the only picture we have of the foods in HK. We were too busy eating so we didn't take any pictures since they were soo delicious!


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