Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Men’s Fashion: What to Wear on the Beach This Summer

Ultimately, dressing for the beach is dictated by your own tastes. There are numerous options out there so long as you avoid overly loud prints and designs. We’ve taken a look at some ideas to land a definitive look for the beach this summer.

To Swim or Not To Swim?

If you can make a decision on whether you’re going to venture into the sea ahead of time then you’re putting too much thought into your beach trip. On the other hand, if you are certain whether you will or you won’t, it makes clothes selection a lot easier.

While denim shorts are a stylish item you will need to consider how convenient they are for daytime use. Even if you’re not planning on dipping your toe, lying around in the heat wearing denim all day is unlikely to be a comfortable experience. Beach bums should choose a smart canvas pair of shorts, which look great and won’t be too hot. Get the denim out at night when the temperature drops.

Wet Look

“Swimming shorts.” These are words which have filled men with dread for generations. Clearly Speedo’s, and any form of overly short shorts are unacceptable. Whether you are partial to a printed short is up to you. Steer clear from the outdated “Hawaiian” flower print designs though, unless you aim to take to the beach looking like you’ve lost a bet.

An above the knee length pair of shorts is perfect for the beach. Plain shorts tend to work well as it is actually a great starting point from which to build an entire outfit. Combine your swimming shorts with a patterned, again not “Hawaiian” shirt and a summer jacket for a stylish, casual look which combines the very necessity of beachwear with a great on trend look.

Footwear is often complicated by a trip to the beach. Before heading to the sea, I’d strongly recommend a pair of basic plimsolls or stylish sandals which can be cleaned quickly and easily. Basic plimsolls are so you don’t try and get away with using this as your regular shoe. Attempting the multi-function plimsoll almost always ends in tears, so don’t.

Beachwear Building For You

If you need inspiration, confidence and a fresh, original look for the beach this summer, then make the most of an online outfit builder. Simply tell us your height, body shape, skin tone and what you’re looking for, and we’ll do the rest. Beach style and confidence will come naturally in clothes chosen specifically for you.

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