Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where to Travel on Holiday in 2012

I am looking for a travel destination for this spring/summer for the family. I prefer it to be all-inclusive resort, however, it doesn't have to be if we can find a cheap destination to travel to. My mother wants to visit Mexico, but I've been there already while my brother wants to visit the Caribbean islands. I've did some research and found an all-inclusive resort in Cancun for 7Days for $1052 at the Omni Cancun. I can't seem to find any good deals for Jamaica, which is where I prefer to travel to.

I've only been to Cuba and Mexico. Cuba is out of the question, though it's quite cheap from Toronto. I did not enjoy my trip there previously. Hotel was horrible and so was the food. I haven't been anywhere else that's family friendly down south. Any suggestions? Somewhere with various types of activities to do, such as scuba diving, swimming with the dolphins, jungle safari...etc.

Does anyone know of any good travel deal websites? I've been staying on top of my twitter account for deals and my inbox is being spammed daily with last minute deals. I prefer not so much last minute deals as I want to be able to plan for activities that's suitable to everyone on the trip.

Thanks everyone for the help.



Brock - Backpack with Brock says:
at: March 19, 2012 at 1:52 PM said...

Don't write off Twitter completely! It can still be a good source of non-last-minute deals as well.


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