Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bike and Wine Tasting in Niagara

During the Civic Long weekend, I went on a bike and wine tour. Since I had to bike to each wineries, I did not bring my Nikon with me. I wished I did though, as the views were ashtonishing.

The bike ride to each wineries was tiring but fun. I had to admit, I was a tad sore later on that night.
We started off at Niagara Getaways Wine Tasting and Tours at 10:00am, where we picked our bikes. I was glad that we decided to take the early tour because, on our way back, the weather was bloody hot. We biked along Lake Ontario following the bike route. Our tour guide took us to three wineries. The first stop was at Inniskillin Wineries, the farthest of all three wineries. Let me first explain that I am not a wine expert and do not know anything about wines, so this is my first wine tasting experienced. I enjoyed the wine tasting at Inniskillin. We tried two reds, two whites and two ice wines. I ended up purchasing two bottles of sparking ice wine from 2010 at approximately $70.00 each. It was quite smooth and fruity to drink. I sampled the ice wine gelato, also very delicious, on our way out.

The next stop was a local winery, which I do not remember the name. They had the oldest vineyards in Niagara region. I did not like any of the wines I've sampled here, though some members of our group did make some purchases. The last stop, which was closest to town for us was at Reif Estate Winery. This winery has various affordable wines. For myself, I purchased two bottles of white wines for $10.00 each. They were very crisp and smooth tasting.

I think that if I did the bike and wine tour again, I would rent a bike from one of the tour companies, and bike to my own wineries. I felt that the three hour tour was not enough time to experience everything. Also, I prefer to visit some other wineries that wasn't on our agenda such as Jackson – Triggs Winery. Nonetheless, this is definitely an experience worth doing once if you are in GTA/Niagara area.



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